12.5.2. Document requirements for keyword search. Requests to search for keywords for electronic documents include the identification of administrators whose electronic repository must be searched, as well as a unique set of keywords searched in these storage sites. Applications must not contain other instructions and must not contain definitions other than the abbreviation of relevant parties, locations or events. No keyword search request should contain multiple parts and sub-parts or be composed of more than one sentence. Allgemeine12. Designation of custodian. Subject to the following restrictions, a party may designate as custodian any staff member or head of another party, current or former, if there is a reasonable basis for thinking that the custodian has relevant documents. Search area.

For each administrator identified, subject to Section 12 limitations, searches are conducted in the administrator`s online and live work computers and archived (office and/or laptop). Searches are also carried out on all network sites connected to the custodian`s work computer, including the group`s shares which, after an appropriate investigation by the custodian company, deem it appropriate to contain relevant and essential information. Limitations of research. The custodian is not required to search an electronic repository if he finds, following an appropriate examination by the custodian, that it does not contain reasonably relevant information while the electronic repository is accessible by the custodian. Keywords. Keywords must be composed of Boolean words or phrases whose proximity is considered appropriate to render a reasonable amount of relevant documents. A keyword should not contain a word that is not related to the content of the dispute (z.B. «and»). Keywords should not contain the name of a product, party or former employee or party leader, but may contain these words in combination with other keywords. A Boolean combination of keywords counts as a single keyword.

Keywords may be an appropriate use of Wild Cards and Root Extenders. Number of keyword search requirements. A party may not submit more than two keyword search requests that may contain the keyword limits described below. Protection orders. Anyone who believes that a requested keyword or custodian has been chosen for inappropriate purposes or, after consulting the opposing counsel to try to resolve the problem by mutual agreement, would result in an inappropriate amount of documents, may file an application with the ELA arbitrator requesting discharge. This request includes the results of the survey survey or other evidence demonstrating the unacceptableness of the keyword or custodian requested. Keyword limit.