A common way to overturn your premature decision is that financial aid does not arrive as planned. If you are able to draw attention to a lack of help that would legally affect your ability to go to school, you will be able to get out of your early decision obligation quite easily. However, some schools may ask you to document this fact. If you despise Dartmouth after being admitted to an early decision and end up visiting Penn under the same aid package or less, you risk Dartmouth finally discovering and Penn withdraws your offer at the last minute or identifies you once you have registered. It`s an unlikely scenario, but certainly not a cloud that you want to hang over you during your college years. Early decision-making is essentially a «gentleman`s agreement» and schools expect students to stop the end of the agreement. Some students may refuse their offer of hospitality simply because they have changed their mind and no longer want to attend the institution. Now, most schools aren`t going to take a student for classes, but they could. Most of the time, they let the students go without blaming them financially; But you can jeopardize this student`s reputation.

Some schools share their list of students who, for no acceptable reason, have withdrawn from their commitment to ED to support the other schools where they applied. In this way, students could be blacklisted if other institutions do not want to reward a student for deceiving another institution or for not being an integrity student. Early decision-making is a binding contract by which a student, by signing the contract, agrees to enrol in a first-election institution and then withdraw all applications from other schools. Not only does the student sign the agreement, but also his parents and school counsellors. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A student should only use ED if she is 100% sure that this school is her dream school and the best possible match for her. Ivy League schools have a common ivy league agreement that allows each school to accept the terms of early notification plans, regardless of each school`s specific plans. Here`s what Dartmouth has to say: Then we go back to it from the point of view of a single candidate and answer the fundamental questions about how you can get caught to break your early decision agreement and what happens if you do.