An employment contract may also specify the conditions under which a person is hired by a company or vice versa. This is a legally binding agreement in the eyes of the Texas courts. While employment contracts are not required to be used by Texan employers, these legal documents are becoming more frequent. Terms of an employment contract may come from one of the following sources: For more information on employment contracts in Texas, please contact the Texas Workforce Commission at; The U.S. Department of Labor in; The U.S. Employment Commission; or the Department of Labor and Labor At the State Bar of Texas in 9. Changing control. What happens if the employer is purchased by another company? Should this affect the employee`s obligations? Should the worker be able to escape his obligations of competition and non-recruitment? Should the employer be able to pass the agreement on to another company (so that the «new» company can enforce the worker`s competitive and non-recruitment obligations)? Employment contracts do not always address these issues, but employees are smart to think about them. 2. Position, tasks, location. Employment contracts regularly contain provisions that set out the worker`s title, duties, to whom he will report, where he will work, etc. From the employee`s point of view, it is important that these terms are defined in a fairly precise way.

Does the agreement allow, for example, the employer to relocate the worker out of the state or are there restrictions on the employer`s ability to do so? Does the agreement allow the employer to change the work of the worker or to change the person to whom the worker reports? It is precisely from the employee`s point of view that it is important that the agreement defines these terms with some precision. 11. Choice of the law and selection of forums. As a general rule, employment contracts indicate the state whose law governs the agreement, and they sometimes determine where an appeal should be brought in the event of a dispute. The latter can be particularly problematic for a co-worker, as she may be forced to assert rights that she may have in a foreign state, which can be very costly. If the worker or employer violates the terms of an employment contract, there is a breach of contract. This is the case when an oral or written agreement is violated. If you think an employment contract has been breached, you should first try to find a solution directly with the employer.