When consumers can find a sales contract that signs the contract, including electronic signatures If the ownership of an LICO occupied by the seller is not subject to a registered NOD, the buyer`s representative uses only a sales contract that provides for the financing agreements that the buyer will use – conventional, FHA or VA. This is the case, whether or not the purchaser intends to occupy the property as the principal residence. [See RPI form 150, 152 and 153] Editorial Note – The liability limitation provisions avoid the misleading and unenforceable recovery required in the liquidation clauses contained in most of the sales forms of other form publishers. However, if the buyer is an investor who does not intend to occupy the LICO occupied by the seller as the principal residence and the title of a registered NOD, the stock-purchase laws (EP) that require the buyer`s respect when preparing the offer are triggered. [See RPI form 156 and 156-1] The three categories of sales contracts are intended for the acquisition of: In order to respect the law of PARLEMENT, the agent chooses a modification of the share purchase contract to create an offer, as all the following conditions are established: Note of the publisher – the acceptance is made when the referral to the person who concludes the offer (or the counter-offer) or to his broker a copy of the offer of sale. The purchase agreement published by RPI (Realty Publications, Inc.) (One-to-Four Residential Units – With Short Sale Contingency) – Form 150-1 is a full «Boilerplate» sales contract with additional provisions and amended specifically for short selling agreements. Form 150-1 serves as a checklist to present the various conventional financing agreements available to the buyer to finance the purchase price and contains conditions that take into account a prudent buyer and his representative when making the offer. As far as the seller is concerned, their performance depends on the discounted claims of mortgage holders. [See RPI form 150-1] If a buyer intends to finance its purchase by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or through funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), brokers and agents can structure the short selling transaction using the FHA or VA variants of the RPI sales contract, and add the short-sale addendum of RPI – Discount Loan Approval – Form 274 with the language of authorization for mortgage discounts.

[See RPI form 152,153 and 274] Brokerage Reminder: The first Tuesday`s sales contract – fair and unbiased for everyone to make the offer to sell with the provision of the short sale quota a mandatory written contract between the buyer and the seller in case of acceptance. However, if the seller is unable to obtain a claim for repayment from the mortgage holder (s) who holds one or more rights to the property, the contract may be terminated and rendered unenforceable at the discretion of the buyer or seller. [See Form RPI 150-1 No. 12.2] 12.3: Backup Offers: Offer the seller backup offers that depend on the termination of this contract. 7.5 Retraction Procedure: Offers the necessary termination method to terminate the contract if the right of withdrawal is triggered by other provisions of the contract, such as . B terms or conditions of service. [See RPI form 183] This section contains instructions on some of the most common topics related to purchase and sale contracts that help you fulfill your obligations under the law and rules. If the offer contained in the sales contract is rejected instead of accepted and the refusal does not result in a counter-offer, enter the date of the refusal and the names of the party rejecting the offer.