Proposals for technology transfer abroad and non-automatic cooperation are considered by the PAB in the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. In such cases, an application was made in FC-IL form to the Industrial Aid Secretary. [9] Http:// The policy adopted to date allowed payments and transfers of up to $2 million and royalties of 5% on domestic sales and 8% on exports. Payments made above this request required the authorization of the administration. The new directive removes these restrictions on royalty payments, flat fees for technology transfer and payments for the use of trademarks and automatically implements them, i.e. without the agreement of the Indian government. [9] The easing of decades-old policies is part of the liberalization and deregulation of India`s foreign investment regime, which works well for India, given that India itself attracted more than $25 billion in foreign investment in 2008, when the world was in recession. Unrestricted cooperation agreements in the field of technology facilitate access to the latest technologies from around the world and are therefore very useful for the development of the Indian technology industry. From time to time, the Indian government issues lists of industries «in which foreign investment may be permitted.» The list thus distributed is only very clear.

There is no doubt that a broad technological base has been created in the country, but constant technological advances in industrialized countries may give rise to the need to update production technology. Government of India (Foreign Investment Promotion Council) can consider the import of technology Most technology transfers between developed and developing countries through commercial technology transfers by the private sector. These include transfers of foreign direct investment, foreign licences, turnkey projects, technical advice, capital acquisition, international subcontracts and joint ventures. [3] Technology transfer means the use of knowledge, and when we talk about technology transfer, we are really talking about knowledge transfer through an agreement between states or companies. «transfer» does not mean movement or delivery; The transfer can only take place if the technology is used. This is the application of the technology, which is considered a process by which the technology developed for purposes is used either in different applications or by a new user. The technology would generally include the following: The exponential growth of technology in India has played an important role in the overall development and growth of the economy in our country. The technology can be developed either through clean research and development or it can be purchased from domestic or imported sources. India has opted for a reasonable mix of indigenous and imported technology. The purchase of technology is commonly referred to as «technology transfer» and is generally covered by a technology transfer contract.

Government Authorisation – Project Authorization Committee (PAB): The payment of royalties in the following cases is subject to prior government approval (by the PAB, if only technical cooperation is proposed, and FIPB, which proposes both financial and technical cooperation): the internationalization of technologies and production becomes a frequent phenomenon for the realization and maintenance of global competitiveness.