In Chile, the President of the Republic performs the administrative function in collaboration with several ministries or other ministerial ministries. Each department has one or more under-secretaries of state who, through public services, meet the real satisfaction of public needs. There is not a single specialized tribunal that deals with appeals against administrative units, but several specialized courts and appeal procedures. Unlike most common law jurisdictions, most civil courts have specialized jurisdictions or services dealing with administrative cases that generally apply procedural rules specifically designed for such cases and differ from those applied in private law proceedings, such as contract or intrusive applications. II) Some contracts are administrative, such as the Administrative Procedures Act (VwVfG), passed in 1977,[13] governs the main administrative procedures of the federal state. It aims to ensure public treatment by the rule of law. In addition, it contains rules on mass processes and expands legal protection against the authorities. The VwVfG applies in principle to all public administrative activities of federal and federal authorities, in the case of the organization of federal law. One of the central clauses is the. 35 VwVfG. It defines the administrative act, the most common form of recourse against a citizen by the public administration.

The definition of section 35 [14] indicates that an administrative law is characterized by the following characteristics: The American Bar Association`s official journal on administrative law is the Administration Law Review, a quarterly publication managed and edited by students at the Washington College of Law. 1. The issue of exorbitant common law regulation has had an impact on public employment contracts. Some wanted to give this description because of the mere existence of specifications. In general, however, the Council of State refuses to give administrative character to contracts relating to specifications and does not contain very unusual provisions. Disputes Court, 1999, General Serb Buying Groups Union; In Italy, administrative law is known as «diritto amministrativo», a branch of public law whose rules govern the organization of public administration and the activities of pursuing the public interest of the public administration and the relations between it and citizens. Its birth is linked to the principle of separation of powers from the state. The administrative power, originally called «executive,» is to organize resources and people whose mission is to achieve public policy objectives as defined in the legislation. [32] I) Some contracts are administrative A certain category of contracts may be defined as administrative.