17.2.3 If the other party does not appoint its own arbitrator and announces that it did so within the aforementioned fourteen (14) days, the party transferring the dispute to arbitration may, without notice, appoint its arbitrator as sole arbitrator and advise the other party accordingly. The decision of a single arbitrator is as binding as if he had been appointed by mutual agreement. The International Brokers Commission Contract is an agreement between owners and brokers for the payment of commissions to brokers. The copyright in this document belongs to FONASBA and has been recommended by BIMCO. This is the whole agreement between the parties and this agreement can only be changed by a letter sent by the parties. 5.10 If the customer`s responsibility for the payment of fees by a third party is to be met (in whole or in part) under a commission clause or other agreement in the contract (or in some other way), the Customer will take all necessary measures to ensure the immediate payment of the fees and, in the event of late payment or late payment by the third party, the Customer is required to pay the full costs to the company at the request of the company. This evaluation list is provided to inform you of this document and to help you in your preparation. This is a standard brokerage contract and can be applied to other items, with the exception of boats or ships. 5.2.2. As in the commission clause or any other agreement, the contract between the client (or its contracting entity) and a third party is included and established; or 5.4.3. The costs of selling and purchasing ships are due and payable on the gross purchase price or construction costs, including, if applicable, additional services and the costs of mobilization, demobilization and commissioning (whether or not this is provided for in the commission clause or other agreement).

7.5 In the absence of concrete provisions in the commission clause on travel chartering, a commission for deadfreight and insanity and freight should be paid. Freight includes all items with freight rate. At this time, the board charters on rent rent and any charter proceedings or renewals. In the event of a sales contract, the commission must be paid upon delivery of the ship and payment of the purchase price. In the case of new construction contracts, the commission must be paid as soon as each step is paid. The Commission is payable for the amounts you have received if they are received and you will not be reluctant to pay until unrelated matters have been resolved. The Commission is stripped of all taxes. 2.1 The broker acts as a ship broker with respect to fixtures. The role of the broker is to introduce the main ones.

Subsequently, the broker will assist the contractors and/or their representatives as a trading channel and provide post-fixture services that can be agreed upon or provided by the broker. 11.6 Where the parties have entered into a confidentiality agreement («NOA») regarding the disclosure of confidential information, the NDA`s terms and conditions apply with respect to that disclosure, to the exclusion of that clause. 5.5. The customer must pay a fee, 5.11 If ancillary services are provided by the company, the customer is required to pay the fee that has been expressly agreed or, in the absence of an agreement, a reasonable fee on the basis of the parties` previous business activity (if it exists) or in the absence of a relevant business history, in accordance with market practice.