I ordered space for my new store. The salesman assured me that I had 30 days to try it, if it didn`t suit my company, to try it and give it back if it didn`t work. My store opening day was delayed because of the construction, so the system stayed in the box for 30 days or more. After the opening, I realized that it was really not appropriate, but I was sure I could make it as promised, after having had 30 days to really try it. Myself and my husband called, and they did nothing but rude. They would not return the system that has NEVER been used. In the meantime, my husband (active military) sent them to Iraq, and I informed them because it is an extremely tasteful and horrible customer service not to work with us. When I called back, they didn`t even let me talk to a manager and told me they wouldn`t give it back under any circumstances. Then the representative told me she was hanging me! I use the square for my other small business, and I let them know that I have finished my use for The Little Black Dog Shoppe from here. Square doesn`t deserve anything from my company and I`ve lost all respect for this company.

I have 20 suppliers in my shop who all know what happened squared. I will make sure to continue to spread the word about the poor customer service by this company. I have been square beniss for 2 years as a credit card processor in my restaurant. I like that! However, I`d rather they run the POS part of the tab. That`s why I use Lavu for my POS and I run Square app to run credit cards. Square was good to be and I don`t want to leave my money. I`m trying to figure out if the square can work on Bridgepay. Square has an online sale option, but for your purposes, I would actually recommend Flint. You can add custom payment buttons, and users don`t even need to leave your website to pay. You can also use payment sites hosted by Flint if you prefer. I think you can better meet your online tools to your needs than Square, and you`ll probably save money at the end of the set. Watch.

We use space in a sit-down bistro space, about to add a full bar. Square was nothing but responsive, we were added to their beta program after being investigated for features that we absolutely need and that are absolutely mandatory for a sit-down situation. The square capital is another amazing feature, they helped and continued to help grow our business. We temporarily hold one or more payments on your square credit because you have exceeded your payment amount by $1,000 per week for manually entered transactions (payments for which a card is not out of date).