A user must provide the information that the bank can reasonably request from time to time to provide SBI Home Loan services via the website. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to the bank by the use of SBI Home Loans Microsite. The bank disclaims any responsibility for the consequences of the user`s erroneous/incomplete/false information. If the user has an error in the information he makes available to the bank, suspect that he informs the bank as soon as possible. The Bank will endeavour, as far as possible, to correct these errors on the basis of «best efforts.» If the user notices an error in the loan application provided to him through the SBI Home Loans Microsite, he will notify the bank as soon as possible. SBI is one of the country`s leading providers of home loans. SBI is a large public sector bank with the lowest interest rate for home loans in India. Currently, the bank offers home loans at an interest rate starting at 6.95% and charges low processing fees of up to 0.20%, at least 4,000 places and up to 17,400 additional places. SBI`s variable rate home loan is a loan linked to RLLR. Home Loan in State Bank of India is very popular with its particular features and attractive interest rates under various systems such as SBI Maxgain home loan, SBI home loan, SBI Repo rate coupled home loan, SBI Realty real estate credit and SBI Shaurya real estate credit. The lowest HDFC home loan rate is 6.90%, while SBI`s is 6.95%, making HDFC Home Loan a better choice at current interest rates. However, beyond interest rates, other factors must be considered in determining the bank`s best choice. If you are looking for a quick loan with a convenient service, HDFC will better score points.

If you are looking for a loan from a state-of-the-art bank, then SBI is the best option. If your spouse or family member makes a good living, you can make your spouse or family member the co-applicant for your loan. Combining the two incomes will help you increase your right to get a credit. 0.35% of the loan amount. Minimum: Rs. 2,000/-Maximum: Rs. 10,000/-Processing Fee abolished until March 31, 2018-Plus Applicable Taxes SBI offers you a longer term of 30 years to repay your loan with the benefit of paying less EMI per month. Employer ID Card Loan application: completed loan form, equipped with three passport size photosKnowable Identity (each): PAN (permanent account number)/ Passport/driver`s license/voter card/Voter cardComponment of residence/address (each): Recent copy of the phone bill/water bill/Water bill/Piped gas bill or passport copy/driver`s license/voter card.

The choice of the best SBI real estate credit scheme is subjective. For example, there are different home loan offers for the purchase, construction or renovation of a home. Choosing the best SBI home loan program depends on your own needs.