Jessica RabaeyCommunications – Marketing Advisor905-878-7252 The Town of Milton reported 103 employees on the «Sun List» in 2018, up from 48 in 2017. Much of the increase is attributed to retroactive payments from 2015 to 2018 that were paid in 2018 and relate to collective agreements with Milton fire department personnel. Municipal government staff are responsible for managing the city`s personnel management and risk management functions. These include the formulation and implementation of personnel policy, collective bargaining, the public service, workers` compensation and unemployment benefits. Staff records are managed and managed by staff in this office. The City Councillor negotiates all contracts with the employees of the municipal union, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors and funding by the City Council. In addition, employees deal with alcohol licences, daily licenses for spirits, entertainment licenses, paint licenses, underground or higher storage licenses, bulk party authorizations, shipyard sales authorizations, victualler joint licences, annual reports, board appointments and committees under the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors, taxi licences, city meeting warrants and proclamations. Halton Region believes in strong staff performance. We have a benefit system for non-unionized employees.

We evaluate staff each year and recognized efforts will be duly compensated. Each collective agreement indicates when and in what percentage our union employees receive wage increases. The success of Halton Region depends on the quality of the staff we hire to serve our residents. Our goal is to attract people who are committed to providing excellent customer service to residents and businesses in the Halton area. The Halton area is part of the Ontario Municipal Eligible Employees Retirement System (OMERS). By reducing their wages, employees contribute to their old age savings. Being a member of OMERS gives you a great opportunity to plan for the future. Through the Association of Ontario Municipalities and other efforts to support the City of Milton, the City of Milton noted that arbitration prices for emergency service charges are rising faster across Ontario than other municipal services, the cost of living and the rate of inflation.