If you are interested in following a career as a Planning – Forecasting Associate within the finance team at GSK Regional Hub in KL, send your professional profile via our career page (click HERE ON APPLY). As a Planning and Forecasting Associate, you will probably be registered with the ICAEW and follow the three (3) years of training and practical experience at GSK. At GSK, our modern regional technology financing hub, we work with colleagues from across the financial sector to help our businesses across APAC achieve the best result for our patients and consumers. Our new Finance Hub team in Malaysia will be part of a global network of regional financial centres to share best practices and knowledge, working closely with our HQ funding teams. You are responsible for supporting the planning and forecasting process, which includes the development, audit and presentation of annual, quarterly and monthly market forecasts. In addition, you are responsible for providing Value Added Analytics to the actual and forward-looking performance of activities in the P-L, BS and cash flow sectors. Year 1: Focus Key Activities in the Business Cycle Participate in the monthly core exchange cycle. Support the P-F Lead in the preparation of monthly consensus forecasts in accordance with gSK`s corporate requirement. Support the Lead in the preparation of the 3-1 UP2 – Flip plan on an annual basis. Understand the different planning cycles and their key role in the overall business planning process. Attend a monthly needs audit meeting to understand the business planning process.

Responsible for the preparation of monthly OPEX, A-P, Sundry, number of employees and cash flow forecasts. Download and validate approved forecast numbers in GSK tools. To help the F-P develop, update and maintain financial models to provide detailed monthly and quarterly market forecasts (CCCs), you present an ad hoc analysis to analyze vs forecast budgets, previous year forecasts and current figures from the previous year. Help establish internal management reports (p. B. DRM, MPR) for executives. Year 2: Priority to financial management and analysis – Note: the tasks of the first year remain with expanded responsibilities. Conducts core business cycle activities independently for an LOC. Performs a variance analysis to explain the differences in actual performance relative to prognosis. Support the process of developing comments on variance analysis such as flash sales comments, P-L reviews, and price volume analyses.

Responsible for monitoring the evolution of innovation revenues in the country and supports all activities related to innovation sales. Identify learning outcomes important for the role of the first year and improve airtime with the overall process owner or process improvement expert to standardize activities in P-F. Assess the impact on real and predicted Forex figures and validate GSK P-L performance at all levels such as the budget rate and the actual rate. Year 3: A true financial partner is worth noting: The tasks of the vintage 1 – 2 remain with expanded tasks. Drive the monthly core market with in-house commercial Team and Market Finance Director. Submit a monthly performance review to the sector CFO with minimum control. During the annual flip exercise, work closely with the supply chain finance team. Responsible for maintaining the annual transfer price, which complies with adjusted tax requirements.

Other ad hoc activities: ad hoc analysis request for sales, gross margin, operating margin, A-P, OPEX, Sundry, Working Capital, Headcount, OE and Capex.