Examples of travel assistance include using a receiver to enter and exit a vehicle, the right seat and the use of seat belts. To be allowed to undergo medical support, you must inform your IHSS social worker that you have a doctor`s appointment and that you need the help of your IHSS provider to get to the medical appointment. The IHSS social worker will then assess your needs for assistance with boarding and disembarking from and after medical appointments.2 IHSS health care providers are not required to use their own vehicle to transport recipients to and from a medical appointment. However, an IHSS recipient can pay his health care provider for the use of his vehicle in order to transport the recipient to and from the recipient`s medical appointments. Q: Why is this form important? A: All IHSS providers must submit the Supplier Registration Agreement (SOC 846) to confirm understanding of the new overtime rules. If you have not returned the form yet, please sign it and return it immediately. To receive medical support and waiting time for a minor beneficiary, each of the following three conditions must be met: people can be transported to a location where alternative resources offer home support services to the recipient instead of IHSS. 4 As a general rule, for people who receive time for medical support to another resource, the waiting time of an IHSS provider would not be too compensable, as recipients are usually deposited and removed at some point. Normally, a provider cannot be paid for the waiting time associated with accompaniment to alternative resource sites, as the provider can effectively use this time for its own purposes and is considered an out-of-duty waiting time.

5 However, to determine if the wait time is paid, the social worker must determine whether a provider is using «Wait Time-On Duty» or whether the provider is using «Wait Time-Off Duty. 6 If you have more than one IHSS client, you should check FORM SOC 2255 by April 15, complete it and send it back to your local regional office. Suppliers who qualify for the trip do not receive a travel application form until after the return of this form. In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) has a hotline for overtime requests and for recipients to apply for overtime exemptions:Call 408-792-1600. Select option 2 for «provider» and then option 3 for overtime. Q: How do I know how many hours a week I have? A: An IHSS receiver has been approved for the number of monthly hours printed on the first work table you receive each month and on the NOA (Notice of Action Page 1) sent to the recipient when they have been approved for services.